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  • Regional statistics: Fresno, California has a population of 465183 that is in a county of 252940 units. The city is in a county that is 5963 square miles. 559-394 is available through the regional telephone switch # FRSNCA01X9Y in the Fresno area.
  • Other cities located around Fresno: Reedley (559-393) Clovis (559-392) Madera (559-395) Dinuba (559-397)
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25, Sep. 2018

We receive approximately 10 phone calls a day.

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16, May. 2016

If I am listed on the Do Not Call List why are they calling me?

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12, Sep. 2014

This was a mix of a recorded call which had me on hold, my voicmail picked up, and a live person who said hello several times then hung up.

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5, Oct. 2013

When I push 1 to speak to a representative and ask them about being removed, they hang up without any further word. They call a few times a week. This number is unlisted.

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9, Jun. 2013

This was a marketing text message I received, I do not have a message plan so it charges me for the message.

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12, Dec. 2012

I pressed the button to be removed from the telemarketing list, but this has never worked on this recording before, so I doubt it worked this time.

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3, Dec. 2012

These guys are phishers/scammers. They are just trying to extract your information out of you. I have spoken to one of their representatives several times and asked to be removed from their list, pointing out that I am registered on the National Do Not Call list. This often results in them hanging up on me, or just patronizing me. They still call me every day. It is a complete mystery to me why the FBI hasn't shut them down.

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21, Aug. 2012

These people call every day. It. driving me crazy! Thanks.