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27, Nov. 2018

Who is this business? I've never heard of the man the caler is asking for. I am so irritated that I'm thinking suing.

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10, Jul. 2018

Also internet search on the number has many complaints.

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2, Sep. 2013

This was a similar call that I had received before from a different number. The number showed on my caller id but appears to me to be invalid.

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18, Jan. 2013

They call continually. All hours, even after my granddaughter has gone to bed.

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27, Nov. 2012

These people just ignore my request to stop calling me. I've not done business with them ever.

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25, Jul. 2012

They actually called me three times. I told them I had filed numerous complaints against them and that they should stop calling. That was just one of the phone numbers they called from. Many are very odd numbers. I keep asking them not to call. Maybe its a language barrier. It's very annoying no matter what.