Area Code 541

Additional information:

Area code: 541
State: Oregon
Country: USA
15, Nov. 2018

called, hung up., no message.

14, Nov. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

12, Nov. 2018

Have been getting several telephone calls from this damn number. Called and couldn't get an answer. Still getting disconnects. Enormously maddening.

11, Nov. 2018

Too terrifying for me. The man was yelling at me. He claimed that I would be sent to prison unless we sent a payment before 4 M. Can someone help me ?

11, Nov. 2018

The business called my cell phone many months ago. They called over and over. The caller always said they were calling for a girl I hadn't heard of. When I told them that I didn't recognize this person, the company hung up on me. How should I convince them to cease phoning?

6, Nov. 2018

This place calls again and again even when I ask them to take my telephone number off of the business's telephone list. The federal do not call registry seems to be ineffective.

6, Nov. 2018

Why was Cam Credits calling me at two? I do not believe that I've got a overdue bill with them. How do I fight this?

6, Nov. 2018

I was about to go to the theater with my nephews when the call for tjhe 3rd instance was received for the day. All of us are late to catch the train. Well no one is going to take action although all of us have have complained about this telephone abuse. I think I need to take a decision to take action on this scenario. Well this is one such initiative although no one seem to realize this scenario.

3, Nov. 2018

Called left no message another blocked number to add

2, Nov. 2018

Calls everyday over and over, nonstop. Very harassing calls. Never leaves a message.

1, Nov. 2018

Called my office but left no message. Glad that I did not answer.

28, Oct. 2018

I've rec'd a minimum of 25 telephone calls just this month from this telephone number. "Steve" leaves a messgae telling me to phone as soon as I get the message. He says that they're calling about an overdue debt. The recording says I will face consequences if I don't call back. They call almost everyday. Can anybody tell me what to do?

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