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  • Regional statistics: Medford, Oregon has a population of 69638 that is in a county of 71532 units. The city is in a county that is 2785 square miles. 541-779 is available through the regional telephone switch # MDFDOR33DS0 in the Medford area.
  • Other cities located around Medford: Madras (541-777) Bend (541-771) Diamond (541-781) Oakridge (541-782)
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16, Aug. 2017

800-817-5872 Rip off auto dealer in Medford Oregon (Crater Lake Ford) owned by a ponzi scammer named don knudsen. This nazi scammer has been ripping people off for years with shoddy repair work and also selling defective cars. Help me get the word out about these nazi scammers crater lake ford ponzi scammer don knudsen medford oregon auto loan fraud 800-817-5872 donald knudsen auto scammer.

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18, Mar. 2017

Got the calls repeatedly in a row, and they didn't leave message. I wondered who they were... anyone know?

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14, Jul. 2016

I called the number to complain to the person or persons who called at 8:23 AM to ask why they called and what they wanted.

Jason Becker
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14, Feb. 2016

Crooked auto repair shop in medford oregon 541-779-5607 owned by a douchebag named todd dufer. This methhead did a crappy job repairing my truck and had the nerve to try and over charge me for repairs! Wrong todd dufer you are going to pay for ripping off people at LOCKWOOD'S AUTO SHOP 541-779-5607

Luke Gerlitz
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23, Jul. 2015

Got a call from a real estate scammer named cal lanfear 541-779-5237.Had to tell him to go choke on a fat mexican penis! All the lanfears are lazy fat crooks! Sold us a crappy house full of problems.

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6, Mar. 2015

This Telemarketing robot called my cell phone.

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15, Sep. 2014

Called me at 10:06 PM.

Crater Lake ford Sucks
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23, Jul. 2014

F-uck you don knudsen and Fu-ck crater lake ford! Bill Shevlin ripping you a new one online and in person!! You are a nasty back stabbing scammer don knudsen and you belong in jail you low life crook! F-uck you don knudsen and Fu-ck crater lake ford!

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7, Mar. 2014

This number cals me several times a day but noone is available to speak. there are people talking in the background.

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29, Mar. 2012