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4, Oct. 2018

This is a spam caller calling a major company work phone number. Caller hangs up when you answer professionally saying your company's name.

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1, Oct. 2018

The robo-message is advising that I had recently applied for a loan, which I did not.

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19, Mar. 2018

They called and asked if the vehicle I was selling was stil available and if I was single. Is said “yes and they were serious. They responded with several question marks. I responded with “yes & yes”. They responded wit; My name is Amanda... Long story short, I just broke up with my boyfriend and he took BOTH cars :( I am moving to Los Angeles and wanted to see the car you have or maybe you can help me find one”. Sent a pic of her and the car she had taken away scammer stay away

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19, Feb. 2018

Same message

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17, Jan. 2018

It was a recorded message to listen carefully to the full message to take advantage of a very special offer.