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18, May. 2019

Our caller ID says it is a call from Ohio.

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28, Mar. 2019

They say I owed them money. and are taking me to court

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2, Sep. 2018

Reverse lookup shows this is a landline in Woodbridge, VA. When calling company phone number recieve message: 'The number dialed is not in service'

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22, Aug. 2018

One tried to argue with me.

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10, Aug. 2018

Calls but leaves no message

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7, Aug. 2018

unable to call back, get message from Verizon

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8, Jun. 2018

All these companies have been calling for the past several days.

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6, Jun. 2018

Have asked them to quit calling me but they do not seem to understand or just like annoying me.

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4, May. 2018

Pretty sad to have a program in place like this that callers can ignore.

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27, Feb. 2018

My number is already registered on the do not call registry, so they should not have been calling me.

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23, Feb. 2018

I wanted to ask them to stop calling me, but got cut off.

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3, Jan. 2018

The frequency of these calls have gotten worse since I waited on the line to talk to a representative and ask to be removed from there caller list.

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3, Jan. 2018

The recording wanted to know if I wanted to refinance.

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21, Dec. 2017

unknown caller

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8, Nov. 2017

Something about an approved loan from US Bank.

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8, Nov. 2017

I asked him his name and he said Victor.

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15, Oct. 2017

Please send someone to jail.

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27, May. 2017

tried to call back but i received message that number was disconnected

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18, Jan. 2017

I was afraid if I talked to them I would get more.

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16, Jan. 2017

I will be surprised if reporting this helps.

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29, Nov. 2016

This is an automated call I have received about ten times in the last two weeks, from several different numbers.

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3, Oct. 2016


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8, Aug. 2016

They have been told to stop calling for almost a year. I told him again. He called back from 877-356-8543, I told him again to stop, he called me "f*g b*h". I hung up again. He called back again from 800-436-7927. I blew a police whistle in his ear long and loud and hard.

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8, Jun. 2016

We cannot get this company to stop calling us.

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27, Jan. 2016

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3, Nov. 2015

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2, Jun. 2015

He said this would cost around $5,300 to avoid further action against me.

Farley HaFar
is reporting
22, Jan. 2015

said to text her " I need the D ASAP |/ " lol that there is some creative spamming

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20, Aug. 2014

They have been calling nightly. Do not leave a message when I don't pick up. Calls escalating.