Area Code 540

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Area code: 540
State: Virginia
Country: USA
14, May. 2020

message: "hello, hello; are you there?" yes I'm here I got your inane question. "goodbye,goodbye...go away.

3, May. 2020

They have been told that I will not donate household goods to their charity. I donate to my own parish. They have been told repeatedly to stop calling. Isn't there anything you can do?. I understand that charities, debt collectors, political and researchers do not have to abide by the do not call list. Well, they should!. How many times do I have to ask these people to stop calling here. I consider it harassment. My phone rings off the hook all day long with various numbers and various scams. I don't want the Indian guy to fix my computer, I don't want free solar panels, yes again, from the Indian guy, I don't want to do a survey for Scarborough or thoroughbred research, I don't want to donate to the lupus foundation, police benevolent associations, veterans organizations, etc. legitimate fund raisers would stop calling. Don't want to lower my interest rate with Rachel, and do not want a free trip to the Bahamas. HELP

12, Apr. 2020

This number is liked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

10, Apr. 2020

Hi my name is Ann im trying to reach Edwin Hall too see if he's okay im his finance

1, Apr. 2020

Lots of complaints about this number on the web.

31, Mar. 2020

This company uses a different phone number (including different area code) every time they call.

31, Mar. 2020

They are calling to reduce interest rate.

25, Mar. 2020

The message is: "press 1 to accept, press 2 to leave a message

24, Mar. 2020

I have tried to call them back but it says the number is out of service.

24, Mar. 2020

I have looked it up online and there are many complaints from these scammers.

20, Mar. 2020

20, Mar. 2020

Complaint also filed with F.C.C.

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