Area Code 530

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Area code: 530
State: California
Country: USA
Loretta Watson
23, Mar. 2019

Called several times in the last few days. I answer the phone and they say "call member services Monday through Friday for more information" then it hangs up. I have no idea what this is. When I call it, nobody answers.

22, Mar. 2019

Call from Enfield, CT from a Michael offering a free computer diagnostic.

21, Mar. 2019

I have received multiple calls from this number and others that are associated.

21, Mar. 2019

2) I believe that this co is running a scam.

21, Mar. 2019

THEY CALLED ME AT 9:00 PM and laughed at me when I pointed this out!

21, Mar. 2019

she doesn't listen - Subject matter of the call: Vacation & timeshares

20, Mar. 2019

call for ss number

20, Mar. 2019

Repeated calls from these people and no matter how we try to impress to them that this is a do not call number, we still get the calls.

20, Mar. 2019

I repeatedly told the man we do not know the person, stop calling and remove my number.

19, Mar. 2019

I don't have such credit card.

19, Mar. 2019

JChavez UPDATE: 4/11/2016: The consumer called back in to provide a new telephone number for the previously reported caller JMcCaster.

19, Mar. 2019

I filed a complaint last year befroe Dec 15 and this company started calling again on Dec 17, Dec 30 and today Jan 3rd .

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