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1, Dec. 2017

This is the second automated call I received.

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26, Feb. 2017

They all have different numbers in caller ID, but have retrieved 8775041891 and 9802655614

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28, Aug. 2013

This type of call is being common and is not being enforced. Gov never tells if it was enforced, so I presume "do not call" has gone away as so many good efforts have.

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8, Jul. 2013

They called again. Please do something -- this is getting very old! This is my second complaint on them. They have been calling for months.

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8, Jul. 2013

they have called several times. please call them and tell them to stop it already.

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8, Feb. 2013

I have had the same as the previous people. Just breathing. I tried to call back thinking possibly someone needed help. I received a voicemail. I have elderly parents with health issues so I worried it might have been someone like that. This needs to stop.

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15, Mar. 2012

Constant marketing calls........even though I am on the do not call list?