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FOP is gonna hate me
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13, May. 2018

AZ Fraternal Order of Police phone scammers. Filed another complaint to the FCC. They will not stop calling every Sunday no matter how many times you ask them. This is the police being unlawful by violating Do Not Call list. And violating State and federal phone harassment laws.

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6, May. 2018

Why call me 520-424-7286 and just hang up? Why are you violating Federal and State phone harassment laws? Why are you also violating the Do Not Call? Why is it when I search online your number is flagged as a scam/spam/harassing/fraud/extortion and a unsafe number? Stop being a Trump person and start doing the right thing.

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11, Apr. 2018

They called twice within 1/2 hr.

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6, Jan. 2018

Would not identify the company.

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27, Dec. 2016

I googled the number and got a possible hit as Fasttrack Communications, Bayfield, CO.

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25, Jul. 2016

Listed itself out of casa adobes, Tucson for some reason not stanfield. No message left on phone.

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25, Jul. 2016

Call is from Bismarck, North Dakota.

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8, Apr. 2016

I have told the to stop calling me.

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21, Nov. 2015

The call never stops.

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14, May. 2013

This number has called at least 6 times in the past. I try to call them to find out who they are but all I get is a recording saying the " person is unavailable '.

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6, Nov. 2012

Call back number but no messages allowed

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13, Apr. 2012

someone stole my phone and this is one of #s called on it before phone suspended. thieves