Area Code 516

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Area code: 516
State: New York
Country: USA
13, Dec. 2018

Same here, he wanted 300 and I told him it would be $10,000 for 300 shirts. I only take cash and it will take 365 day to do the order and I could have them by her next birthday.

13, Dec. 2018

Fake IRS Scammers... Have called a secondary number I own JUST for fake bill collectors and Nigerian Princes 8 days in a row... Luckily I just get notice, as that number doesn't ring or show on any regular numbers. :D

12, Dec. 2018

They call and leave empty voicemails, it's not an individual that you would know, block their number.

Peter L.
11, Dec. 2018

IRS Scam, leaves voicemail in robotic female voice claiming a warrant is out for arrest in 24 working hours and to call this telephone number to deal with them.

6, Dec. 2018

This phone number is tied to Federal Student Loan solicitation. This is a telemarketing call, but not from a company that is known for it's integrity. Please look up the BBB Complaints against it @ ... 3758/complaints. I've called the number back. The first time, I could hear Spanish being spoken in the background, but the person who answered the phone never said anything. When I said, "Hello?", they hung up. So I called back. They answered the phone, "Hello?". I asked what the company name was and they hung up. So I called back. The next person answered with their name, and when I asked the company name they stated it was "Federal Student Loan Services." I asked where they were out of and they hung up. So, you guessed it... I called back. This time, I got a different name: "Federal Student Center" and then, I'm sorry "Federal Student Services". So I asked where they were out of. And of course she came back with a snarky, "North Carolina, why, are you prejudice because of my accent?!". Yes, until now, they have all had Hispanic accents, which I don't care about... only about protecting myself and my family.... and what I've worked for. Anyway, when she spat this out at me, she hung up right away. I called back, and a gal answered, I think the first lady that answered "Hello", then she handed me off to smooth talking Jose - oh yea, just ask him.... he's the best rep there - seriously, he will tell you that. Anyway, he told me the name of the company was "Student Loan Forgiveness Program" and he was out of California. Well.... eventually he gave up a website that I could go to check them out... it was This brings me back to the URL I posted at the beginning of this good time. Those complaints should be enough for you to let the company know to place you on their do not call list. This is a scam. It is telemarketing that is spoofing phone numbers with the intention to do harm to you. Do not fall for the scam - do not do business with them. After you ask them to remove you from their call list, if they call you back within 24 hours, report them to the FTC, the FCC, and the BBB. There are forms online and they are very simple to complete. Eventually, these folks will be tracked down and stopped, but only if people follow the instruction of the FCC and FTC. If you really need loan forgiveness help - you really should only be looking at websites that end in ".gov". In fact, if you need help now, this is the only source you should trust for reliable information: ... /public-service. If it's not a legitimate federal organization, it's not a legitimate service. Don't be fooled! This phone number was spoofed from This is a scam. you can look the company up at If you own this landline or cell number, report yourself to the FCC and FTC as being the victim of having your number being spoofed. Sometimes this company will leave a call back number of 866-459-9358.

5, Dec. 2018

This company telephones over and over. The first time, I needed more info. They quickly said they wouldn't give me more information unless I gave them my social security number. When I refused, the agent hung up. Any suggestions about how to stop the cell phone calls.

5, Dec. 2018

I always get constant telephone calls from this phone number and I'm done with it. I was told I'd be put in jail. It looks like this agency has told other people the exact thing.

5, Dec. 2018

I got a telephone message from Control Risk Management around seven and the call upset me. I haven't ever heard of that collection agency. Could @ have me mistaken for somebody else?

5, Dec. 2018

This telephone number calls almost everyday. When I answer, I only hear beeping. What does this place want with me?

3, Dec. 2018

# called me and was surprised. I want to phone back yesterday but nto a single person was there. I really do not know if I will phone another time.

3, Dec. 2018

Scam call from a mother fucker asshole bastard.

2, Dec. 2018

How do I stop this telephone number from ringing several times a day ? When I pick up, they just disconnect. Who is tis business ?

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