Area Code 516

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Area code: 516
State: New York
Country: USA
2, Jun. 2020

We have requested them to take us but they continue to call.

14, May. 2020

this number called me and then texted me calling me an a*s and a b**ch and a p*ssy

9, May. 2020

I got the same message, but since I haven't returned their call, they keep calling me. I never even entered there sweepstakes and they told me I won. WOO HOO! Not falling for that one. They can keep their money because they can't have mine.

9, May. 2020

I received a call asking who I was and I told her robotic voice that she called me first.

5, May. 2020

Name: Arti Devon Email: Phone: 516-336-4114 Subject: court ordered program contactless payments Message: Hello I want to let you know there is currently a court ordered program for businesses to take contactless payments, otherwise known as credit card and debit cards payments from customers with your business paying no fees to the credit/debit card processing companies. The courts have ordered the credit card and debit card companies to provide this special free program. The court ordered program means you will receive 100% of all sales made via contactless/ and regular credit debit card payments. The funds will be deposited within 48 hours and in some cases same day to your business bank account . You can take payments in your business a via mobile/delivery app for on the go payments and on your website. All without the need for cash and with funds in some cases deposited same day! We will have a rep in your area next week if you would like to speak to him and signup to this free court ordered program, or you can signup online now here Call us 24/7 at 516-336-4144 Or text us questions at 720-791-3210 Or email us at savemoney@takecreditcardsfree.c

3, May. 2020

I received an unsolicited phone call from these people on June 2, 2014, at 2:25 PST despite being on the No Call list.

1, May. 2020

Scam number keeps calling I call it back number disco

24, Apr. 2020

Is it something to worry about

31, Mar. 2020

They have called twice today !

30, Mar. 2020

I have been receiving calls from this number every morning for a week around 5:00 am and sometimes twice within a couple of minutes.

30, Mar. 2020

Call back to the number repeatedly stated that number is not in service?

26, Mar. 2020

5 of 6 calls received from all over the US on same date where background noise and accent of caller was the same.

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