Area Code 515

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Area code: 515
State: Iowa
Country: USA
4, Dec. 2018

I've been getting so many phone calls from this phone number. Telephoned the number and asked them to cease calling. Still getting disconnects. Can someone tell me how to stop it?

30, Nov. 2018

It starts with a recorded message.

29, Nov. 2018

This was a recorded message telling me that I qualified for a "free" medical-alert system and also a "free" preion-drug discount card.

29, Nov. 2018

I have complained repeatedly to both the Card Member Services caller, AND to the Do NOT Call Registry, and nothing seems to STOP the calls!

27, Nov. 2018

This telephone number telephoned me three times last week. These voicemails must stop. When I call back, that place harasses me.

23, Nov. 2018

At 10:29 this morning they called again asking for Keisha and I asked to speak to the manager and the man said sure, and then he hung up on me.

23, Nov. 2018

What do I do who is this person

22, Nov. 2018

I went through it over and over again to understand the message. Well I am relieved that other individuals are also getting similar calls. The police are certain to say taht I am a crazy old fool. The news very specifically indicates the information how the telephone calls took place and the details of people who received the calls. I will somehow try to influence the FCC as this is the best possible opportunity to finally discontinue the telephone calls.

22, Nov. 2018

This collector called. Cannot pay Citifinancial because my wife has been really sick. I phoned the company and they said reduce the amount owed until my issues are resolved. Some folks have to be going through the same problems.

22, Nov. 2018

This debt collection agency called our office looking for a woman that no longer works here. The debt collection agent kept shouting at me. If the caller calls again, I will transfer them to our office's legal dept. What that collection agency is doing is plain illegal.

20, Nov. 2018

He is persistent and he keeps calling.

20, Nov. 2018

I continue to receive robotic calls from a company during mornings. They keep leaving voice mails. When I call to insist that they stop bothering, nobody answers. I don't even know whoever that hasn't paid their bills. I want these calls to stop once and

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