Area Code 515

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Area code: 515
State: Iowa
Country: USA
17, Feb. 2020

or "can you hear me?" - Subject matter of the call: Charities"

14, Feb. 2020

It is harassment at this point - Subject matter of the call: Home security & alarms

12, Feb. 2020

He continued to refuse and said credit cards aren't covered by the DNCR.

12, Feb. 2020

When Josh answered, I told him my number was on the Do Not Call list and he hung up before giving me company info.

11, Feb. 2020

Foreign person saying they were from the IRS and asking me if this was Miss So And So. When I asked who wanted to know, they automatically hung up. Usually I tell them I work for our local sheriffs dept. ( Which I and my husband actually do) and they hang up. Wish something could be done about these people!!

8, Feb. 2020

asked man on phone for the name of his company.

4, Feb. 2020

This company previously called and was informed by my spouse no to call again.

3, Feb. 2020

I get a spiel about giving them money for a charity I've never even heard of.

29, Jan. 2020

We were unable to say, "Do not call" as the call was a recording threatening with an IRS lawsuit. Searching the internet shows that this number actively calls people from a San Antonio location requesting a call back at the same number.

29, Jan. 2020

This is an unsolicited call we get continually.

23, Jan. 2020

This number is not a scam. They are calling to verify you employment status. Either you are buying a home or a car.

22, Jan. 2020

Y,206,2379642,no message hang up

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