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5, Sep. 2018

She was instructed to type a code in his PC so the callers can gain remote access.

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25, Aug. 2018

We've have no idea what they are calling about.

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24, Aug. 2018

Suite à mon scepticisme, l'appel s'est arrêtée avant que je sache de quoi il en est. Quel dérangement...!!!

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18, Aug. 2018

robo call cannot tell them to stop calling because I have no way to know who they are in the first place.

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8, Feb. 2014

He was on a date site. He said his name was James and to be a plastic surgeon, but I didn't trust him either. At the beginning, the situation seemed too beautiful to be true. But I've never been able to meet him or even just just see him on webcam. His behavior didn't correspond to the way he described himself. He asked me to do sexuel stuff too and just stoped giving news. I suggest not even talk to him, just run girls!

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17, Apr. 2013

This type of company wants to call them back. There are many, many calls of this nature. If you tell them not to call anymore, they immediately hang up on you.