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26, Aug. 2016

This number has been calling every day at this time for several days.

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10, Jul. 2013

Male adult phoned from this number and stated that he was calling on behalf of the Butler County Police Athletic Association and then change tunes and talked about that this organization does all the summer anti-drug programs for kids in Butler County (I have a 10 year old and we reside within Butler County...not aware of such a program in our area). When I began to deny his request for a donation he disconnected the call. I called the # back and got a recording stating that the number had been disconnected.

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11, Jun. 2013

These people keep calling me and I ask them to take my number off their list. When I say that I am on the do not call list they the say the only way they will stop calling is when I use their services. This is harrassment and the reason the do not call list was made.

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9, Jan. 2013

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19, Oct. 2012

They call about once a month and tell you to "shut the F*** up" when you ask to be removed from the list.

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3, Aug. 2012

These annoying recorded calls come in several times a day from different numbers.