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7, Oct. 2013

There was no option to remove my number from their calling list. As soon as I asked, the caller hung up. This is the 3rd time I've requested my number be removed.

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28, May. 2013

This is the third time we have asked this company to stop calling us. Please make them take us off of their calling list. Thank you.

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26, May. 2013

We called the number back. We put in our number as do not call but now am worried it's some kind of scam. We held to talk to a person for over 30 minutes and no one ever came on. Thank You for your help.

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2, Apr. 2013

This robo caller calls my cell phone two to three times a day. Their message is unintelligible but is certainly a scam wanting a call back which I will not do. Please take action to stop this.

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1, Dec. 2012

This call is always a different telephone number but the same recording.

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10, Aug. 2012

These calls come from some company.