Area Code 510

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Area code: 510
State: California
Country: USA
12, Dec. 2018

Transcription: ““Yes this is the Better Business Bureau my name is Isaiah Taylor in this message is for the owner of [my business name, deleted for privacy] please return my call at 510-844-2085 I will be in my office until 4 PM and again my number is 510-844-2085…””

8, Dec. 2018

Social security and IRS are not aloud to leave voice mail.

7, Dec. 2018

Called wanting to upsell xfinity. I deal only locally. I don't trust anything from California. Time to change my phone number again! F'n morons!

7, Dec. 2018

left a voicemail message and they say from driversed DOT COM bs....

6, Dec. 2018

Just received a "missed" call from this number. Called back and a robot voice asked "Hello, this is Kaiser Permanent calling. Please answer yes or no. Is this {my name}...yes or no?" Hung up without answering. Kaiser has NEVER called me asking confirmation unless I initiated things first.

5, Dec. 2018

This number phoned me and I called them back. Those bill collectors were incredibly obnoxious. Why would I provide them with my uncle's social security number? These guys oughta be sued. I am hoping they get what's coming to them.

5, Dec. 2018

I get the bizarre sensation that someone is following me. The calls come in non stop within a space of an hour and the moment I respond no one responds but after exactly three seconds later a hissing sound comes in. However, I have no other choice as if I do not answer I have no way to stop the annoying cell phone. The cellular phone simply keeps on ringing How can I describe this call business to anybody as it only happens to me the moment I get into the vehicle I am also wondering to myself whether this is really happening to me? I am in two minds to track the guy somehow and run him down.

5, Dec. 2018

This company called our company asking for a person who no longer is employed here. The man kept shouting at me. If the business phones again, I'll turn them to our office's legal division. The thing they're doing is plain wrong.

5, Dec. 2018

The robocallers call almost twice weekly and I don't say yes to what they're selling, they won't take you off their call list. How can you force them to stop this annoying calls?

5, Dec. 2018

How do you stop this telephone number from annoying us? All the time a wrong number. It's time to call a lawyer.

5, Dec. 2018

Many People don't understand the law in relation to bill collection agencies. People may convince debt collectors to stop telephoning. Bill collectors must stop calling if you inform them thgat they must stop. You can write or tell them over the telephone to stop calling. If the collector calls after that, you can take them to court. Show them who's boss.

5, Dec. 2018

I received the famous telephone call when I was at the salon at the corner of the junction to get a short crop. The sudden noise of the cellular phone made me shake my head in fright and the scissor almost cut my forehead. I need to stop this business of the scam calls in some way. Well I need to think twice efore I take up the barber’s offer of help as I do not konw much about him. Oh! my goodness what is this country comig to I am not certain. Gangsters And what not!

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