Area Code 510

Additional information:

Area code: 510
State: California
Country: USA
16, Nov. 2018

This is a scam they're trying to get your IP address from your computer to steal information so don't bother when you get a call from this number just don't answer.

16, Nov. 2018

This is the 6th time within a week that this party has called.

16, Nov. 2018

Very threatening call about Susan Mullen being a Mediator and that a litigation attorney would be contacting me if I didn't call back a number they left (not this 510 one) with an area code of 716. That's NY. I'm not in NY. No saying specifically what this was about except that "I was served" and threatening throughout the entire message. Not calling it back. No clue what this is about but it was pretty terrifying to hear that an attorney was contacting me next and that I was going to "be served at my home or at my work". I don't know what this is about.

12, Nov. 2018

I got ten mobile calls from this telephone number. I am angry by the company's calls. They are embarrassing me.

12, Nov. 2018

Cashcall calls me. I hae an account except I currently have no money due. When I telephoned, I felt that they didn't listen I believe the balance is up-to-date. I must make a quick trip to the cleaner's, but I hope to try and telephone again when I get home.

12, Nov. 2018

The business called me last night. The caller asked, where are you? I was frightened. She read off a social security number. I couldn't believe she publicized this person's social. She was clueless about the name of the person she was talking to. I demanded to understand why she was contacting me but she said to answer her questions and only then she'd tell me who she was. It took me ages to get her to tell me the name of the bill collector. I finally told her that she had the wrong number. Very obnoxious people.

11, Nov. 2018

The cell phone calls come at the same time almost evrey Monday sometimes about 4 times one after the other in a sequence. It is so maddening and once I receive the telephone calls my cravings vanish.

9, Nov. 2018

I continue getting robocalls from some company while I'm at school. They won't stop telephoning. When I phone to insist that they stop bothering, no one answers. I haven't even heard of the woman who hasn't paid their bills. I need these robocalls to stop once and

7, Nov. 2018

They apparently wouldn't leave a voicemail. It really helped me when someone here showed me the business URL. I requested to be removed from their phone list.

6, Nov. 2018

I got 9 mobile phone calls from this number. I am terrified by those people' phone calls. They're humiliating me.

6, Nov. 2018

the phone calls don't stop. How can you stop the harassment ?

6, Nov. 2018

I am not sure whether anybody in their senses would trust this story. I overlooked to keep count of the callers. The creeps have been harassing me to settle a debit note which I had settled many weeks ago. The agents simply don't seem to understand that the bill has already been paid.

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