Area Code 509

Additional information:

Area code: 509
State: Washington
Country: USA
16, Feb. 2020

They never solicit by phone.

15, Feb. 2020

On February 28 alone, I received 12 calls.

14, Feb. 2020

sometimes twice and during all hrs

13, Feb. 2020

Robo Call - Emergency! Expressed Urgency That I Press 9 Immediately To Hear the Message! Very insistent. - Caller ID: CLE ELUM, WA

13, Feb. 2020

On a few occasions they just hung up on the others they said they would remove my number however they continue to call regularly.

12, Feb. 2020

Very stupid people with accent, continually trying to get you to give them info to personal computer.

11, Feb. 2020

fill out numerous complaints and nothing seems to occur.

10, Feb. 2020

I am registered for Do Not Call registry and did so a long time ago.

10, Feb. 2020

Thanks for getting back at me with the formal quote, I’d like to make the full payment with my MasterCard however I will like to continue with the order so Please get in touch with the freight company, Swift Freight on with the estimated total weight of the order and the pick up address so we get a freight quote (Air Freight) for this order.

8, Feb. 2020

This number called 5 times with no voicemail. I finally picked up on the 6th call and they hung up. I called back, got a female voice that said “Hi”, and they hung up.

7, Feb. 2020

I didnt answer in time called at 8 pm exactly didnt leave a message came up on caller I'd as SSI-DYNATA. Info on web search was from Quincy Washington which is 5 miles away so idk strange I keep my number private and dont give out so to me its strange

5, Feb. 2020

someone is trying to hack it

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