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9, May. 2019

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

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19, Apr. 2019

She spoke so fast that I could not even understand the point of her call it seemed that her only purpose was to be a bully and talk louder and faster than me.

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5, Apr. 2019

These were missed calls.

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29, Nov. 2018

The scam calls have been reducedhaven't got one in about 3-4 weeks.

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13, Sep. 2018

another number they have called from is 702-639-4731

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29, Aug. 2018

Every night at dinner time.

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12, Jun. 2018

The Phone number that came up on my phone ID showed the number was from Savona NY and I called the number and the phone co.

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24, Apr. 2018

started with "You may have won a free cruise." and then I hung up."

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18, Apr. 2018

The laws should be changed that they are not allowed to call after 1800 (6 pm).

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13, Apr. 2018

When I pointed out that the offering was deceptive and hung up, she started calling and saying I had no right to speak with her.

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5, Apr. 2018

When I asked the address of the company they hung up.

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23, Mar. 2018

This number keeps calling here and I have asked them to stop several times.

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29, Nov. 2017

A recorded message soliciting Florida vacations