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6, Jun. 2018

This was a totally unsolicited call.

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14, Nov. 2017

I have gotten one call on this #, the other numerous calls have been from 402-557-0611 (He called on 1-2-13 at 8:50 pm on this #).

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27, Apr. 2013

This was a voice mail broadcast message. I have not had any business with this company before.

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22, Apr. 2013

Unable to request that the company quit calling since it is a recorded message. This company has been calling me once or twice a week.

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1, Feb. 2013

They call several times a day. Never a message. I tried calling them to see who it was and was told the number was not available in my area. We only answer callers who identify themselves or who we know. I fear a scam. I am ready to change my phone number. This caller is only identified as caller's name unknown. Help!

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15, Jan. 2013

These constant phone calls and text messages are extremely annoying.

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17, Oct. 2012

This company has been fined by the AG of AZ this year for similar deceptive practices.

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11, Jul. 2012

These recorded calls have been occurring repeatedly over the past few months. I did an internet search on the number and it appears many others have received the same calls. Our number is registered on the do-not-call list.