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25, Oct. 2018

No idea what they want.

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25, Mar. 2018

No one will answer and I have stopped answering the calls.

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27, Feb. 2016

Received several calls from this number located in Yakima, Washington & I do not know anyone from there. I do not appreciate calls from scammers that don't care what time of day they call. Called the number back & low & behold it was an invalid non working number. I can't stand scammers or robo calls.

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2, May. 2014

This evening starting at 5:17 p.m. EST we have received 20 calls from the above number. We listened to the message several times. They said I might be eligible for a new tester for diabetes. Emily requested we press one to get more information, or press 2 to have name taken off list. We pressed 2 on 3 of the calls and 1 on 3 different calls...asking to be removed from the list. NOTHING WORKED. We tried not answering, but the calls keep coming. HELP!!!!!!

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23, Jun. 2013

these people are rude, and they call me everyday. When I asked them to remove my number, they hung up on me without acknowledging my request. I am so fed up! please stop these people.

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7, May. 2013

They asked me to renew my subscription to a magazine. Two calls in one night. I never dealt with them.

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10, Jan. 2013

They call me and tell me they have a check for me and sometimes they call and say I've wone the lottery!

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18, Jul. 2012

they called about some form I supposedly filled out about furthering my education and I asked them to stop calling and they haven.!