Area Code 508

Additional information:

Area code: 508
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
20, May. 2019

A company name was not mentioned during the call.

20, May. 2019

When I try to call the same number back I receive a recording telling the the number is no longer in service.

18, May. 2019

I asked him again to put me on the do-not-call list and he said he would not and called me a bitch.

Johnny Johnson the white devil
16, May. 2019

garbage scam. buyer beware

16, May. 2019

cell ph from CA with an alert for senior citizens.

15, May. 2019

They leave no messages-no one is on the other end, either.

15, May. 2019

Has called several times and never leaves a message.... ANNOYING at best!

11, May. 2019

Stalks escorts and then haggles you to death on prices like go away dude

10, May. 2019

We get these calls all the time and there is no way to stop them.

9, May. 2019

This slick ?gender These are toxic trash flaming A..H.... That have been breaking all the laws, some have got caught , this Smith is the organizer , orchestrator , for years he's da man full of scams , mr code black& blue knows how to pick his prey, he's been out of the fed prison making new moves, anything that he spits out of his big mouth is a drama story just 1 look and a short conversation with him , a retarded person can see what a BS artist he is men know men he picks duplicitous cohorts to work his game ,the white pristine heads of any company , this perv smith is a violent punk , the guy is a nobody bagman , good luck with him and all the fools he hangs with viva las Charlton Ma.

9, May. 2019

Recording and unable to opt out.

8, May. 2019

I have a voicemail on my phone line.

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