Area Code 508

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Area code: 508
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
22, Mar. 2019

I was shocked when I told him that I am on the National do not call list and I would report them.

22, Mar. 2019

This is the second time this company has called and since have removed their "remove me from list" option.

21, Mar. 2019

Another obnoxious sales call

21, Mar. 2019

We have asked many times for them to stop calling to no avail.

20, Mar. 2019

Tried to sell the product, I'm NOT interesed.

20, Mar. 2019

This is a private in home line.

19, Mar. 2019

These Slime are tony award winners in breaking the Law , The white cult losers trash,orchestrated by a wannabe career criminal Gregory A Smith this perv is a pro on everything , just ask him , his big head is full of plans to retailiate back at the Feds the moron has zero common sense , he picks his prey carefully , anything he speaks is a false misleading Lie ,His Drama goes on and on ,He has the connections to all the data ,dept of transportation ,Ins comp,Banks , death index , with a name like Gregory Smith that’s a very common name he’s been into the computers since the 80’s ,This looser has no moral compass no conscious , a total waste of life and all his cohorts just haven’t got caught yet , oh fast Greggie will have your back with a knife than run like the punk b....h that he is a no good SOB ,back in Worc County making big moves with former cohorts and new cohorts , it’s all about him , keep it coming we all know this con spent all his years in the Law Library running from Bubba File that writ motion Smitty pretend your Att Sabatt whatever HaHa go get it tanks for showing your cards !!!

19, Mar. 2019

I have read elsewhere that this is a debt collector, but we have no debts and have never dealt with this company in the past.

19, Mar. 2019

nobody picked up the call at Serve Power.

18, Mar. 2019

When I looked up the number online, it seems to be a targeted fraud scheme that pretends to be affiliated with Discover Card.

18, Mar. 2019

I missed & stupid me I called the number back.

18, Mar. 2019

Caller ID said it was 'Bruce Goldman' but we did not pick up since we get a lot of unsolicited calls, and they did not leave a message.

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