Area Code 508

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Area code: 508
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
14, Nov. 2018

It is rather disturbing that every occasion I am in my kitchen garden I keep getting these continuing telephone calls on my cell phone at regular time periods. The area I live is rather windy and the telephone reception is not very clear. Now my hobby is not looking after the green house but getting them to listen and I am rather sad as my hedges are almost unkempt without proper watering. The calls are simply coming from a company who is looking at the effects of automated calls and all this time when I think of he pain I have taken and the hours wasted I go crazy.

13, Nov. 2018

Should I report this telephone number for abuse? Will it help to send in a complaint? I hope the authorities force them to lay off.

13, Nov. 2018

Who is this place and why could they be calling Alan on my cell phone? They have gotta stop.

11, Nov. 2018

Constantly call, never leave a message. I just blocked their #

10, Nov. 2018

A flaming idiot along with all the jerks that are pitching in for the Scams ,To be BLUNT these spineless opportunists have nothing better to do , these sneaky thugs day will come ........🚷

9, Nov. 2018


8, Nov. 2018

Carbonneau III Joseph F phoned my phone again this weekend. I want them to stop phoning me.

8, Nov. 2018

This guy had been one of my so called colleagues for some time on Facebook. He has now become a quite a concern to me as he has started giving phone calls to me every Monday after 11.30 pm. How this fellow managed to get my cellular number still remains a mystery. Previously our conversations revolved around fashion as we both liked modelling. I don’t like the company investigating with regard tothe mobile calls coming after office hours. I have always had a good track record and I am not going to tarnish my track record because of these calls from this jerk.

8, Nov. 2018

Irritating weird call, stating that the caller was trying entries in directory assistance, and that if I did not wish to get automatic calls again, to call a specific phone numner. I telephoned, but the calls will not stop!

8, Nov. 2018

Has been calling our business multiple times within the last week, and the number has been changing. Sometimes ending in 8335, and sometimes in 8333.

6, Nov. 2018

Cangello & Burns phoned my husband last week. He was shocked by the telephone call. He could not figure out how this agency got his telephone number. Do you believe it might be a wrong number?

6, Nov. 2018

Varying scams from same number that's been calling every single day for 2 months. Getting pretty old. Needs to be reported more

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