Area Code 508

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Area code: 508
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
13, May. 2020

Once a RAT always a RAT. anyone that has a 10 min conversation with this Thug can figure his intention ,the perv missed his calling ,He’s got his game on with sugar mamas , hahaha, they say he goes both ways, he is a world class loser sociopath The Jackass is out with all his 500lbs of legal paperwork oh yea the Feds put his ass in jail for years , he’s a horrible sick nutcase

6, May. 2020

Robocall. No msg left. call bsck connects to fax machine

4, May. 2020

got a call from 5083067710. same guy keeps calling from different numbers. calling me mean and derogatory names. all I did was answer my phone I don't even know who he is.

3, May. 2020

This company calls often and inquires about a 2007 car that I have sold.

28, Apr. 2020

The’ Crooks ‘ Greeks Kalami Oil Co. These Duplicitous Devils from Greece and their cult of So called Christian community belong with The JBaker J Jones , Money Theives OH say how great you are the Feds got your MO , Marye Mary E (Papageorge , the LinkedIn picture ha ha You Greeks all have that brown black grease look &that big ass nose plastic surgery can’t fix that all that Greedy living , someday no Doubt comes back to get you .amd all you insurance scams Hows Mr Moorhead Oh (Marmaris )You and your people need to get back on the boat your mama and papa got into the USA, Displaced People go to Hell , take the predator minister from your church , Father Fake the elderly out your Greek community and the Turks Oh yah your may think you got it going on , Keep it up ‘CROOkS’ your all to Stupid and Greedy Jesus has a plan for you all it’s all a matter of time Adam Melanie , george Ardan That picture of Fugley Mary E Papageoge ?? ha ha you really look like a Man or maybe a Dyke you Greeks have no moral compass no remorse just grab that Money how many ID ‘s names in your dead family repeat you people need to get out of the USA what jackass took the test for us citizenship ? Your horrible people Garbage you belong back in Greece, your a community of junk Axios you’ll all get yours in the end, Live by the Sword you’ll all get what God sees what’s happening , nasty people never change, we been burnt by you , and many more also not to worry Greeks your Greed is still on right on Real Estate , follow that money US att Feds know all your tricks papageoge all those Greek names twist them all up , fucked up willfully on your own haha the Dominicans have more class ,

27, Apr. 2020

After friending me on Facebook, asked to switch to cell phone text messaging. Wanted to exchange personal info. Spelling/grammar was terrible.

24, Apr. 2020

No message left. Number blocked

22, Apr. 2020


16, Apr. 2020

Is this legit collection agency

15, Apr. 2020

This number just called my cell phone but did not leave a message. I googled the number and found that it is a scammer.

13, Apr. 2020

Who is this?

8, Apr. 2020

When I answered the phone caller hung up

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