Area Code 508

Additional information:

Area code: 508
State: Massachusetts
Country: USA
19, Feb. 2019

many threatening calls from this number-should be barred from system

15, Feb. 2019

Hung up after 8 seconds of background noise. Sounded like a call center in the background.

TRansgender in Boston
13, Feb. 2019

We met off a lgbt app called Grindr he said his name was Edward. White good looking “straightish” guy. He came to see me after work to hook up. We mostly just did mutual oral and he then got on his knees and asked me to finish in him. He said that’s one of his turns on and favorite things to do.

13, Feb. 2019

This caller or the callers know how to get into devices , whether it’s a ha trap call spoof call these people know the codes #’s scams ,they have no moral compass , The cowards prey on anyone that they can ,Greedy Vile Opportunists hide all their scams with another scam in another town ,state ,street or company ,they most may be into thi site just to flip the script

Ts Rachel
13, Feb. 2019

Hes a white guy. I think he said his name was Kennedy. He hires transgender escorts online. Ge contacted me tonight 2/13 in Boston. Another tranny chaser asking for cock pictures and non stop explicit questions. He offered me just 100 to fuck him

13, Feb. 2019

Another tranny chaser calling transgender’s escorts in Boston for nothing. He called me Wednesday 13th at 1.20 am

10, Feb. 2019

A business that wears many Hats , these are the people that play the game as Oh l didn’t know , they have connections to IT specialists They have been in General manangement Jobs ,so now they go on line save time and never get caught doing illegal anything they can It’s all about Greed ,ignorance won’t fly

10, Feb. 2019

this number and slight variations of it call at least once a day; I have never answered phone when I see unknown number; why do they keep calling???

7, Feb. 2019

It keeps calling my home and of I pick up, there is a pitch noise, as if fax is coming. It is insane. How to stop this?

5, Feb. 2019

Texted me. Asked to see recent pictures of me. I asked how I knew him. Claims I met him. I told him I don't give out my pictures. He said when he got home he would email his pictures. That was several hours ago.

31, Jan. 2019

Said they were from Staples and I am a customer who orders online in CANADA. This is a Massachusetts number. Suspicious

24, Jan. 2019

blocked very few know my number and this is an unrecognizable number as far as I am concerned SPAM

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