Phone: 508-471-5784

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Worcester, Massachusetts
Its exchange 471 is managed by CTC COMMUNICATIONS CORP. - MA
The number is currently on switch number WRCSMACEX1X (switch is a technical specification, provided here for phone hobbyists)
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1, May. 2017

Company keeps calling after I had asked them to remove my number.

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9, Jun. 2017

After saying hello 3x and no one responding I went to end the call and thats when I heard them say hello am I speaking with - and said my full name which included my middle name. I hung up quickly because these are some of the scams where they call ask your name and once you say yes they have your voice recorded saying yes even though you think they are just confirming who you are, they are actually trying to just get your voice recorded saying yes and then they can scam you into anything once you say yes using your voice saying yes . Its the new scam and its scary

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