Area Code 506

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Area code: 506
State: New Brunswick
Country: Canada
8, Nov. 2018

My elderly father continues to get telephone calls from this phone number on their iPhone. It is for somebody they don't even know. They try to ignore thee calls but they do not stop. Where can I report this number ?

7, Nov. 2018

I went through it over and over again to more understand the information in the article. I was rather stunned to witness the press release as I thought that these telephone calls are received only by my sister. The lawyers are definite to say that I am a lunatic. The article very specifically indicates al the details how the phone calls took place and the places involved. I am now on my way to meet the lawyer armed with the newspapers.

11, Oct. 2018

The recording says something about lowering credit card rates.

9, Oct. 2018

Sent fake money transfer thru text

9, Oct. 2018

It's a credit card scam

9, Oct. 2018

This call is from a service searching for individuals interested in making an appointment for a consultation regarding solar electrical service installations.

6, Oct. 2018

Said we (My wife Jane) was preapproved for up to 5000 loan.

1, Oct. 2018

Looking to scam me out of $299.99. Left message on my machine which was hard to understand but did heard the price.

1, Oct. 2018

They call all hours almost daily.

30, Sep. 2018

I will report each call from Portfolio Recovery Associates and I will pursue all legal remedies.

25, Sep. 2018

This seems to be a robo call .

24, Sep. 2018

I found the name of the company by looking up the phone number they did not include a business name in their call.

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