Area Code 504

Additional information:

Area code: 504
State: Louisiana
Country: USA
25, May. 2019

This was some sort of travel agency (likely illegal and a scam) trying to advertise a new office somewhere.

24, May. 2019

This caller calls me several times a week.

24, May. 2019

From time to time I get lots of strange numbers calling me and have actually registered my phone 2ce because it keeps happening.

24, May. 2019

Hard to tell them to stop calling when they won't leave a message and the only identifier is the location.

23, May. 2019

I tried to contact the company several times to ask that they stop calling, but the number is always busy.

23, May. 2019

I also told them I was on the Do Not Call List.

23, May. 2019

Call came in at 11:59 AM 12/02/2013

21, May. 2019

I have been on the do not call list since the beginning and still nothing.

17, May. 2019

I am not sure but I think it is the same sompany that calls and it's an automated system that tells me that I won 1,500.00.

17, May. 2019

Left no message from this jerk

17, May. 2019

At the end of the recording they say to press 9 to be added to THEIR do-not-call list.

14, May. 2019

Pressed option to speak to a representative and while I was asking to be removed from the call list, the representative hung up on me.

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