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19, Nov. 2018

They called me saying I had a collection with the company and I know I did not

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29, Sep. 2018

Have been calling me every day for three weeks now (sometimes twice a day). This needs to be stopped and the caller needs to be disciplined.

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9, Jul. 2018

In my voice mail this appeared to be a Chinese robocall. and

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28, Apr. 2018

I have reported each call and will continue to do so until action is taken to stop these individuals from stealing from others.

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2, Apr. 2018

This is my 7th request to stop these calls!

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6, Mar. 2018

Scam call threatening to turn off our power. Entergy confirmed there is no issue and they are aware of this scam targeting businesses.

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6, Mar. 2018

They keep calling my cell phone.

D E Dollar
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16, Jan. 2018

These folks where alot of hats. Hospitals, T Mobile Ace Cash. Hey man I will take some cash but I do not have any to help you. He was asking me to pay so he can buy food for his family. They must not make much money down there in da deep south

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30, Oct. 2017

I would like them to cease and desist contacting me by phone and email.

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14, Jun. 2017

Calls every single day and does not leave a message. I have never answered when they call.

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2, Jun. 2017

I think it's GC Services calling. I let the voicemail get it, think it's the collectors. If I don't recognize the number I never pick up.

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2, Jun. 2017

I don't answer when I see a phone number I don't recognize. Heck I barely pick up when it's someone I do know! I checked the number online and I'm pretty sure it's bill collectors called Vision Financial. Are they calling anyone else?

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2, Jun. 2017

I think it's Consolidated Credit calling. I didn't bother picking up, think it's bill collectors. If I don't recognize the phone number I don't answer.

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2, Jun. 2017

Got a phone call from this weird number . I looked it up and I think its the collectors called West Asset Management. No clue why they're calling. Can someone confirm if its them?

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2, Jun. 2017

I think it's ACE Cash Express calling. I didn't answer, think it's a collection agency. If I don't recognize the number I don't pick up.

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24, May. 2017

People who call are very rude. They are trying to sell a car warranty. They will not take Not Interested for an answer. Have asked them to stop calling several times. They just continue to call every day. Every time you say, you are not interested, they become very rude.

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20, Mar. 2017

Pressing 1, only connects to a person, who is RUDE when you ask them to remove you from their list.

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10, Dec. 2016

I have repeatedly asked this person to stop calling but he refuses.

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10, Sep. 2016

Asked them to take number off list, not 10 mins later called me again, this time would not talk, just silence.

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8, Aug. 2016

They apparently have an agreement with their phone provider to have constant rollover numbers to prevent blocking.

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21, May. 2016

Calls several times a day. I just ignore it. But....quite annoying anyway!!

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28, Apr. 2016

Fraudulent debt collection. Beware. Never leaves message. Block this number.

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21, Mar. 2016

They're very disruptive to business.

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21, Feb. 2016

Reports say that the caller does not speak.

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26, Aug. 2015

I received three different call , all same type, from this company in december alone!

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31, Dec. 2014

The number calling is from Va. and wireless the best I have determined. May be a telemarketer.

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1, Oct. 2014

Recorded Message - Telemarketer - Lower Your Interest Rate!

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26, Sep. 2014

Why do people get on here and make comments like "I'm tired of this", or ask "Why do they call me?" - ?? Just report the call as information to others. It's not a crying in our beer site. This is a telemarketer using a number that looks real, especially to people in area code 504 but won't identify who's calling.

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26, Aug. 2014

I get phone calls from them daily, sometimes twice a day.I have told them I am not interested.

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6, Aug. 2014

Keeps calling.

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10, Jul. 2014

third call today from this company!

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2, Jun. 2014

This is the second time I got this call from this company.

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30, Apr. 2014

When I push 1 to speak to a representative and ask them about being removed, they hang up without any further word. They call a few times a week. This number is unlisted.

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21, Mar. 2014

I get this call several times per day. Very annoying because they do not leave a message and there is no one on the other end. How can I keep this number from calling my phone?

MD in TX
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12, Feb. 2014

I keep getting calls from this number and also 504-273-7233. I don't answer and they never leave a message. Assuming its a telephone solicitor of some kind.

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23, Jan. 2014

I am on the national and state do not call list. These people call all hours of the day well into the night. They never leave a message and I know it is a telemarketer. I want them to stop calling me. I am unwilling to go thru the recorded process of removing my number because I do not trust this company.

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8, Jan. 2014

This is the third time I have reported this company and they have made calls to my phone in the last week at various times ... I would like the calls to stop already!

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22, Oct. 2013

This company is trying to collect on CC debt. They will not verify any information. Asked them to send information to address and they refused. Thay also have some guy call your family members and tell you that he has papers to serve you. Then threatens them to try and get information out of them and says that he will come to your work and so on. Had to file harrassment charges against him and the company with the FCC and the States Attorney General

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18, Oct. 2013

They call relentlessly, usually "unknown caller", so am not able to give a phone #. They do not give you a chance to opt out from their calls. I have probably received 50 calls. Help!! I'm so annoyed. Thank you.

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8, Sep. 2013

There was an option to speak to representative. I did that and started speaking about being on no call list and they hung up on me. This is not the first time this has happened. I called the number and got another recording but was disconnected again.

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23, Jul. 2013

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24, Jun. 2013

This week I keep getting calls. Some are automated, some aren't, but they are every night and getting really annoying. I have been registered for years on do not call. Why are these automated calls all of a sudden coming in? What can we do to make it stop?

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30, May. 2013

We've received several calls from this number. The recording that just says "Goodbye" after you answer. They come at all times of the day, and even have our cellphone numbers. We've asked them to stop calling several times but it won't stop! It's very irritating and distressing. Please help!

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30, Apr. 2013

This is the second call I have received on my cell phone. It was a recording and I hung up.

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10, Apr. 2013

sending threatening text messages to a 13 yr old boy

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9, Mar. 2013

Were told once that this number was on the Do Not Call registry and to never call again. Now call from a different number every day. Never pick up but google the number and always leads back to this group.

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23, Jan. 2013

call's and does not say nothing.

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13, Dec. 2012

We have received several call from verious collection companies looking for the same person. Can you do something about this or are you one of the goverment agancies we should cut to help the budget?

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26, Nov. 2012

They call threating arrest and that a police officer will be serving a warrant. It is scripted with a heavily accented person reading the script.

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5, Nov. 2012

they call my house about 3 times a week!

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25, Oct. 2012

They always tell me they have something for me. I ask them who they are but they will not say. I have verbaly told them I am on the "do not call registry" and to remove my number from their call list and then they hang up on me. I have received calls on my cellphone from this number.

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23, Oct. 2012

They ask me if I need cash...I don't know what their product is.