Area Code 503

Additional information:

Area code: 503
State: Oregon
Country: USA
11, Dec. 2018

Crazy spooky message left. Spam caller

7, Dec. 2018

This phone number won't stop calling for somebody named Jackie. There is also a police charity that calls for her. How can I take my number off their list?

7, Dec. 2018

My husband has a loan with Costco, and a guy from there called me and left a message. They should not calling my cell phone. I don't think a bank should call a person's family to tell them about that person's account.

6, Dec. 2018

trying to send catalogs for auction...very colorful language and irate if you ask a question

6, Dec. 2018

Annoying robocall, stating that the caller was trying entries in their call list, and that if I did not want to get pre-dialed calls again, to dial a local number. I loathe these robocalls!

5, Dec. 2018

This telephone number has been calling his caller ID several times a day. Why don't the company leave a voicemail?

5, Dec. 2018

I got a few telephone calls at my workplace from a collector. She also called relatives. How would she find them? This debt collection agency refuses to share any details about my debt. I don't want to give my bank account payment through the telephone, cos I do not know if it is really mine to pay.

4, Dec. 2018

The telemarketers call almost thre times a day and if you don't agree to their offer, they won't put you on their do-not-call list. How can you stop these creeps?

2, Dec. 2018

receive phone calls from Commercial Recovery. I couldn't manage to speak with anyone when i called back. I must dash out to my aunt's house, but I'm planning to try and call again this afternoon.

2, Dec. 2018

I have to rush for the conference as I am not clear of the address where I should go. The mobile calls started early morning around 4.00 am and the very second I end the call the telephone rings again. I was so rushed trying to get dressed whilst responding to the nonsense calls. I don’t think any person will pay heed to a telephone call as everybody is rushing from home at this hour for work.

2, Dec. 2018

# telephoned me and regretted it. I attempted to call back around noon but there wasn't an any answer. I really don't know if I will call yet again.

2, Dec. 2018

I have been getting these calls for almost 5 months. Whenever I attempt to telephone the caller back, I can't get hold of anyone. This ticks me off. There has got to be some kind of legal action to make these cell phone calls cease.

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