Area Code 503

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Area code: 503
State: Oregon
Country: USA
15, Feb. 2019

This person ended up in my contacts under my best friends name. I texted the number for days: some very personal information. After all the information had been texted: they replied by saying they were not the person I was texting. I have no idea how the number got into my friends contact info. I did not change the contact info. This number accepted and read texts for over a weeek: then replied by saying it was the wrong person. If this number appears in your contacts: delete it and report them.

15, Feb. 2019

Fake shit be careful

14, Feb. 2019

Just an automated message saying that unemployment benefits would be delayed a few days. Didnt ask for information or anything.

13, Feb. 2019

Same number as the OHSU billing office as confirmed by their website.

7, Feb. 2019

Genesis Card Services, I have an Indigo credit card through them.

Scam Buster
31, Jan. 2019

I received several calls and a text from #207-739-4932 (which really pissed me off) stating that I was "approved" for $55k to help me with my $10,000 of unsecured debt after not applying for a loan of any sort. The company gave me a website that belonged to a different company (Quality Solution Inc.) I called the company and notified them that th scammers were trying to legitimize themselves by using their webpage. Then myself and several others called the scammers about 380 times back to back tying up their phone lines until they got rid of that burner # (I'm sure they set up another). The scam #s that I have are: 888-245-0882, 562-317-8856. BEWARE.

25, Jan. 2019

This is a marketing number. Block this number!

24, Jan. 2019

Recorded message about a hotel. total spam.

m hollomon
21, Jan. 2019

multiple calls EVERY SINGLE DAY. They do not transfer you to the Sales/Customer Service dept. They say they have one, but nobody ever takes a call. AND, NO ONE EVER RETURNS A CALL......if they do, it rings and when you pick up, no one answers. How do you blow up their system? Seriously, if I find out who they are, I'd be tempted!!!!!!

19, Jan. 2019

They hang up as soon as you answer

John doe
9, Jan. 2019

Called twice, no message, unable to look up.

31, Dec. 2018

Got a text saying “Aetrex: #9250882 has a delivery exception on 31 December, 2018 15:14. Please contact us at 888-526-2739 immediately to resolve this issue.” yet I never ordered anything and I have no clue what aetrex is

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