Area Code 502

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Area code: 502
State: Kentucky
Country: USA
6, Dec. 2018

This is a collection agency and it is not a scam.

6, Dec. 2018

This bill collection agency called oyr company asking for a woman who no longer works here. The bill collection agent was an idiot. If the company phones again, I'l transfer the caller to our firm's law department. What they are doing is plain illegal.

5, Dec. 2018

Overtime I block one of these telemarketing 502 numbers they call me from a different one, same people. Very annoyed

5, Dec. 2018

got a text from this number wanting me to ship to their daughter "urgently"... I think it's a scam

3, Dec. 2018

I think Compliant Risk Mangement is phoning when I see this number. Anyone here know anything?

3, Dec. 2018

If there is not a name attached to the number, I do not answer.

3, Dec. 2018

Calls several times per day on my law office phone. Spam.

2, Dec. 2018

I don't thinl it is very funny to get telephone calls when you are sick and in hospital. I was certain that my temperature was going up due to the telephone calls. The professor gave strict instructions for me to relax and to ignore the phone calls which come from the callers trying to blackmail me for something which I did not do.

28, Nov. 2018

I received the phone cal yesterday morning about nine. The caller told us that we could get a vacation package. We're on the the don't call list, so the sales call is against the law. We're going to speak with an attorney about bringing a lawsuit against the company.

28, Nov. 2018

# keeps calling my Samsung asking for my brother, but he does not reside in this house. What should I do ?

27, Nov. 2018

It's a nightmare to receive wrong number calls. I think it's against the law to make people crazy with calls to the wrong number. Find me an attorney. I want to take them to court.

27, Nov. 2018

Same old credit card rate scam

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