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9, May. 2017

I have tried to call the number, but it is always busy.

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8, May. 2017

keep receiving calls from this # at all times of day and night.

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25, Apr. 2017

I've received 4 calls since 11/1/2013

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28, Mar. 2017

When I told the guy he was trying to scam me he hung up

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20, Mar. 2017

they are wanting to lower my credit card interest rates.

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8, Feb. 2017

Someone sold my number to health insurance and they keep giving my number out to other people.

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28, Dec. 2016

Was unable to ask them to stop calling because it was a recorded message.

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27, Dec. 2016

This is the third time this solicitor has called and I have clicked through the recorded message to talk to a person.

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26, Dec. 2016

Please stop this and investigate!

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24, Dec. 2016

I have told them to stop calling but yet they still call me to try and sell me more service it's annoying and I want them to stop calling me.

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22, Dec. 2016

then they keep calling every day.

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7, Nov. 2016

Asking what car I have and when I asked anyfing.he used different lexikon.

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25, Oct. 2016

I have actually spoken to a live person several times when they called and told them not to call me anymore.

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21, Oct. 2016

Another unsolicited unwanted call to my do not call number

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14, Sep. 2016

I do not listen to the whole message.

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19, Aug. 2016

I've asked them to take me off of their calling list several times but they keep robocalling me.

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10, Aug. 2016

I looked the number up on line and this is no one that I know in New Jersey.

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2, Aug. 2016

When you press 0 to try to talk to someone, it hangs up.

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26, Jul. 2016

When I call back, they say they have on file I owe $1000s in fed tax debt.

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13, Jul. 2016

I have gone through the process of waiting and pressing a number to be removed from the list in the past.

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19, May. 2016

They call from various numbers at all hours.

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4, May. 2016

They included an option to push a number to be removed from list, but that is not very helpful on a voicemail.

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15, Apr. 2016

I informed the representative that I was on the Do Not Call list and asked for her name.

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6, Apr. 2016

Going to start forwarding these calls to the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY!

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21, Jun. 2013

This was a robo-caller that has been calling our home and cell phones almost daily for the last few months. Yesterday, I spoke with a person and asked that they never call me again. But today I received another robot call. The line went silent. I'm filing a complaint.

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17, Aug. 2012

They call everday. I spoke with a person and asked them to remove my number. Then they hung up on me and I'm still getting phone calls from them.

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24, Jul. 2012

I have on 3 occasions talked to a real person and asked that my phone number be placed on their Do Not Call list. They keep calling daily.

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7, Jul. 2012

This company has been fined by the AG of AZ this year for similar deceptive practices.

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26, May. 2012

Were told once that this number was on the Do Not Call registry and to never call again. Now call from a different number every day. Never pick up but google the number and always leads back to this group.