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11, Mar. 2018

He asks me if I have had mesh implants, on birth control, had surgeries, what kind of surgeries.

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10, Jan. 2018

A man called and asked to speak to the person who name the clumbea gas was in.

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19, Dec. 2017

this is your last chance to lower your credit card payments or something similar

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30, Jun. 2013

This was a scam trying to get me to send money.

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18, Dec. 2012

They call constantly and no one comes on. they are driving me crazy!

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12, Nov. 2012

These people call at least once a week.... i asked them to take my number off their list... they said they would... but they haven.!

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16, Aug. 2012

They always tell me they have something for me. I ask them who they are but they will not say. I have verbaly told them I am on the "do not call registry" and to remove my number from their call list and then they hang up on me. I have received calls on my cellphone from this number.

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10, Jul. 2012

New wave of these maggots the last couple of weeks have crawled out from under their rocks. I hope they can be stopped.