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5, Nov. 2018

This bill collector called our company looking for a man who no longer works here. The debt collection agent kept yelling at me. If the caller phones again, I will report them to the CFPB. The thing they're doing is just illegal.

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2, Jun. 2017

I never pick up when I see a number I don't know. Hell I rarely answer when it's someone from my family calling! I checked the number on the internet and I'm pretty sure it's bill collectors called Morgan & Pottinger. Are they calling just me or others are getting these as wel?

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9, Jun. 2016

Caller claimed I am selected for Medical alert System

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2, Nov. 2012

These people call over and over again. Please send them a letter or whatever you have to do to get them to stop! Thanks for your help.

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25, Jun. 2012

They call every night. I'm about ready to rip the phone from the wall.