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TS Transsexual
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11, Jun. 2018

Time waster.

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9, Apr. 2015

A debt collection agency that has no representatives when you answer the phone and doesn't leave a message when you don't answer. Then, somehow, they find the numbers of your friends and family, then start calling them to harass them about why you're not answering your phone.

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7, Jan. 2013

This person just texted me asking me to add them on Yahoo messenger. They said their ID was amiyagurlie. I don't know who this is and they are refusing to give me their name, even though they addressed me by name. I don't know them, or how they got my number, but its really creepy. I don't put my number out on the internet so that stuff like this doesn't happen.

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31, Jul. 2012

These people have been calling house for the last year! They call me, can. get them to stop!