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16, Oct. 2018

this person is trying to commit fraud.

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16, Oct. 2018

Acme Protection- on a voice prompt line selling home security systems

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25, May. 2018

this was the frist of many calls more complaints to follow the one time I answered it was a man trying to sell me insurance for a car I had years ago

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20, Mar. 2018

I just changed phones, so I do not have the call log from the previous phone.

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11, Feb. 2018

They don't want to disclose who they are and are very rude.

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5, May. 2017

This was a call aimed at frightening older people.

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29, Jan. 2017

I followed the advice to not pick up or press any numbers.

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24, Mar. 2016

manager or take you off the call list it says "okay, sorry you feel that way" and then hangs up."

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5, Feb. 2016

Prerecorded message that I won something.

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30, Nov. 2015

Called and left no messages

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22, Apr. 2015

Same recording also received from 646-467-6665

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31, Mar. 2014

Folks do yourselves a favor and get a beautiful little program called Audio Caller ID it cost $24.95 but it's the best $25 you'll ever spend!! You load it on your computer, connect your phone line and you get to block these and other annoying calls!! If your modem doesn't support caller ID or you don't have a modem look for a USB modem on e-bay, about $4.

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16, Aug. 2013

Stop calling!!!