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26, Sep. 2018

No message left.

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14, May. 2018

There is dead air after answering.

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7, Nov. 2017

Once I got to a live person, they immediately hung up when I said I was on the do not call registry.

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26, Oct. 2015

Even when I tell them I am on the Do Not Call List.

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7, Feb. 2015

I reported this on consumerfinance.gov also.

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22, Aug. 2014

This number has called several times within the last few weeks.

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3, Feb. 2013

These people call me several times a day. I called them back to say that I want to be off there call list. I continued to get calls from them. When I finally answered the phone when they called, I told the man to stop calling me and he hung up, like he gets many people telling him to stop calling.

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30, Aug. 2012

Coming in all hours of the day from different numbers