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25, Jun. 2018

My husband and I are in good health and do not need the services of the Medical Supply Co.

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9, Jun. 2018

I will never donate a dime to these assholes.

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29, Dec. 2017

Caller ID shows v04011315070003.

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15, Dec. 2016

This number(b)(6) we have for over a year now.

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1, Feb. 2016

No idea who this is told me that I was going to be arrested because of federal taxes. Scammer

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31, Jul. 2013

Unsolicited commercial call to a residential telephone number listed on the National Do Not Call Registry.

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14, Mar. 2013

This is the second complaint I have filed against this company - I have asked them numerous times to remove me from their phone list, yet I continue to receive calls from them.

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3, Mar. 2013


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8, Jan. 2013

they always hang up when the answering machine picks up. it comes up on my caller Id unknown name.

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8, Jan. 2013

They call 2 to 3 times aday with arecorded message that asks question and is programed to respond to your reply. I called the number back to get a recorded message and if you want to be takened off the key in your number. I have done this 4 times and continue to call.

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26, Aug. 2012

Last time I looked, there were 760 complaints against them on Google. This has been going on about once a week since the first of the year.

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17, Mar. 2012

obscene call late at night 3-16-12

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9, Feb. 2012

think it is political call, but I missed it so I am not sure. I have been getting a lot of political calls lately.