Area Code 484

Additional information:

Area code: 484
State: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
3, Dec. 2018

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

29, Nov. 2018

went to received calls.

29, Nov. 2018

Aimed at Sr.citizens.

27, Nov. 2018

The message said I could lower my credit card debt.

27, Nov. 2018

Looked up the phone number online, found that it's a scam.

27, Nov. 2018

Every afternoon, I get a robocall from these jokers. Different phone number are displayed on the Caller ID. I do not bother picking up the phone anymore. What are my options?

27, Nov. 2018

Y,404,6664305,constant phone calls

26, Nov. 2018

Whey you call back they ask what your phone number is.

25, Nov. 2018

This dude multiple times a day. I pressed eight on the phone to speak with someone. It dofs not work. What I should do next? I am frustrated.

25, Nov. 2018

The weather was rather chilly and I wanted to get indoors as soon as possible. When I now the telephone rang briefly and when I picked up the call there was total silence on the other end. I am still freezing with the chilly weather and the irritating telephone calls made me feel worse.

24, Nov. 2018

The last call I got a few days ago came from MAINE.

24, Nov. 2018

This morning I received 4 calls from a not known “#” The person who was calling was so difficult to understand and I had no clue whatt he was trying to tell me. During the last telephone call I distinctly heard a recording being played in the background and I was able to catch a few words Of the company without the caller being aware. I tried to verify with the caller about the details of the company and strangely from the other end I heard a series of hiccups and then the line goes dead.

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