Area Code 480

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Area code: 480
State: Arizona
Country: USA
13, Dec. 2018

I sure hope you find out who this a--h--- is before I do !!!

CL lister
12, Dec. 2018

You guys! In order to stop them from this idiocy, we need to hit them where it hurts - their pocket book. If they lose money every time, then at some point they will have to stop. So... Lead them on like you're in. Have them send you the cashiers check. This will cost them the price of express postage. I tell my scammers that the check got ruined in the mail and ask them to send me another one. This costs them additional express postage. At this point you can ignore them. You've made them spend money and get nothing. If you want you can have more fun and have them send the truck to the wrong address to pick the item up. Who knows, maybe they'll have to pay for a bad pick-up. If the scammer contacts you again, say you accidentally gave him your old address and have them send out another truck to a different fake address.. If they said they'll pay for return shipping (this happened to me one), great, ship them a VERY heavy box of bricks that costs a lot to ship. Or an old broken fridge. the bigger and heavier the better. Help combat stupidity. :)

Julia Byrd
10, Dec. 2018

I keep getting several calls from this number. It sometimes will ring in on two lines. It is very annoying.

9, Dec. 2018

Liar, scammer and pervert. Goes for men and women for small amounts of money or gifts.

6, Dec. 2018

I received the famous call when I was at the salon at the corner of the junction to get a new hair cut. The loud noise of the telephone made me shake my head in fright and the scissor almost cut my skin. I need to stop tis business of the scam calls in some manner. I informed the barber that these nuisance calls have been going on fire the last 12 monts and all they ask is to verify a few details and the calls are nothing of importance. I have had enough of the scam calls and would not like to deal with another swindler. Fraudsters And what not!

6, Dec. 2018

They apparently did not leave a voicemail. Thanks to you guys who told me the company URL. I begged to be taken off the business's phone list.

5, Dec. 2018

They keep calling me and hanging up... SOOOOOO ANNOYING!

4, Dec. 2018

Annoying pre - recorded call, stating that the business was trying listings in their telephone directory, and that I did not want to get telemarketing calls again, to phone a certain telephone number. I loathe these damn things!

4, Dec. 2018

Placed call to 480-284-5010 using phone other than the one they call which is about every day. Every time the response to my call to that number is "UNAVAILABLE'.

4, Dec. 2018

The telephone calls from Conn's HomePlus are making me mad. I do not understand why they're calling. I do not have even one account with that bank.

4, Dec. 2018

It was the most exciting episode of the film and I had to get up several occasions just to answer the stupid telephone. This was the 12th call for this Thursday. I do not want to hear the words ever again.

3, Dec. 2018

Does someone know anything about a call from Compliant Risk Mangement. I cannot imagine why they called.

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