Area Code 478

Additional information:

Area code: 478
State: Georgia
Country: USA
20, May. 2019

call on my cell phone

17, May. 2019

Please stop these out of area calls.

11, May. 2019

This is an unknown company that has called at least 10 times today and all from different numbers that are from all over the country.

10, May. 2019

I have not signed up for any credit card recently.

10, May. 2019

Lady was asking me for a lot of information that I wasn't willing to give, then kept insisting that I needed her for my business. Very pushy.. I told her I did not need her services, and hung up.

9, May. 2019

No idea who this company is and no option provided to opt out of calls.

8, May. 2019

I told him I was on the do not call list and to remove me from his calling list.

7, May. 2019

The fact that called even on a Saturday at 8:15 am shows me malicious intent to scare, anoy and harras people to the point of desperation and frustration.

30, Apr. 2019

When I press the one now days I think they know my number and will not pick up unless they are new to the scam.

26, Apr. 2019

When contacting our office.

19, Apr. 2019

All this guy and the others before him wanted was my credit card.

19, Apr. 2019

Treasury Department against me.

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