Area Code 478

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Area code: 478
State: Georgia
Country: USA
14, Nov. 2018

Calls constantly using different numbers

13, Nov. 2018

A woman telephoned me three days ao She said she wanted to talk about legal question. I replied to mail it. A man phoned this afternoon and said that he was calling about a legal matter. How do I end the telephone calls ?

13, Nov. 2018

I volunteer for a local group and use a mobile phone. I frequently get a lot of telephone calls from these people. This evening I called the company from a regular phone to request to be taken off their call list, but it was useless. I tried again, but then the dude said they company already had my telephone number. said that they were wrong, but then I heard a click and disconnect. I tried to call again. The rep told me that there was no manager and wouldn't speak to me.

11, Nov. 2018

I have been telephoning my nephew who is in Ontario since last Thursday. I am certain that I have never met him. I have a good mind to check the Synonyms.

4, Nov. 2018

Bridgewater Group continues to phone on my cell and I don't know why. I cannot understand why they're calling. I've never even dealt with that place.

1, Nov. 2018

I got the famous telephone call when I was at the local salon to cut my hair. The sudden noise of the telephone made me shake my head in fright and the scissor almost cut my ear. I need to put a stop to this busines of the scam calls somehow. Maybe the barber read my expressions and informed me that his neighbor is a police personnel and might be in a position to support me. I have had enough of the scam telephone calls and do not want to deal with another swindler. Fraudsters And what not!

31, Oct. 2018

It is like a coincidence, as the moment I enter the pantry to get a mango juice I hear the telephone. I hate these circumstances and feel like pouring the coffee on the "Best Buy" hair.

31, Oct. 2018

Call back number was 260-2067-35070. Looks alittle strange to me!!

25, Oct. 2018

I blocked but they keep calling back, 3 times in one day. I think they are scamming Am Heart but don't know. I never donate thru phone solicitations cause u don't really know if they are legitimate, plus callers hired by various charities to make calls for them give the callers a large chunk of the donation. Just give directly to the orgn & NOT thru solicitators!!

16, Oct. 2018

Hung up before the 4th ring.

2, Oct. 2018

Consumer called with another phone number.

2, Oct. 2018

Please block them from calling my number.

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