Area Code 475

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Area code: 475
State: Connecticut
Country: USA
27, Mar. 2020

VERY SURPRISED as this unknown number registered as "Naugatuck CT" and actually provides this automated voice message "Time so that you can get a great insurance plan that's within your budget. We offer policies from top care providers that are best rank in the country for health insurance such as Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield. To hear more about the PPO policies we offer. Please press two now to get a free consultation nine for a call back and to be placed on our do not call list permanently. Please call our toll free number 844-989-1702 and press one when prompted. Or press one now to be taken off this call list"! Making UNKNOWN calls like this is NOT what the REAL Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield EVER does! I can't do anything about what this automated voice message is talking about unless the REAL Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield sends us official statement notice in the United States mail FIRST!

26, Mar. 2020

Keep getting calls and they hang up, no recording left.

23, Mar. 2020

I informed them not to call again, I was not interested and that I was on the Do Not Call registry.they hung up!

17, Mar. 2020

I have told them to stop calling many times but it continues to call.

17, Mar. 2020

This name and number has been on my Caller Id many times-now they are calling as early as 8AM!

13, Mar. 2020

I guess this is just another example of how well our government works.

11, Mar. 2020

It was targeting seniors saying they may qualify for $3000.

5, Mar. 2020

As this UNKNOWN number called my dad's cellphone and left a message such as "Press any number to be placed on our DO NOT CALL LIST", I now find it VERY UNBELIEVABLE when I called back this unlisted number from between the Northernmost towns of New Haven County such as Waterbury & Wolcott, someone's voice message says that "Auto Insurance is conducting a survey about your Warranty Insurance. Press any number to be added to our DO NOT CALL LIST"! L.O.L.!=LAUGH OUT LOUD!, because I already know that the real Auto Insurance INC NEVER makes unknown calls like this out of the blue, because if they REALLY WANTED to conduct a survey about our Auto Warranty, they'd ONLY send it to us by official notice in the mail FIRST!

3, Mar. 2020

Recording mentioned my ComEd electric bill

27, Feb. 2020

we can't sleep - Lotteries, prizes & sweepstakes

19, Feb. 2020

I told the representative I was filing a complaint and to delete my phone number.

15, Feb. 2020

my phone number is on the National No Call List and I continue to receive phone calls from telemarketers!

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