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17, Aug. 2019

Cannot ask them to stop calling if I cannot talk to them.

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29, Jul. 2019

They have called me six time in the last week trying to sell me an extended warranty on a truck I sold two years ago.

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1, Aug. 2018

Getting repeated recorded calls from 346-204-8410 for the last one month stating that IRS has filed a law suit against me and I should call them immediately.

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25, Jun. 2015

Please stop Direct TV from calling.

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16, Oct. 2014

Can't tell a machine to stop calling.

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9, Oct. 2014

Please shut this number down. They call me every morning!

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13, Apr. 2014

they call and then hang up - several times a week.

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1, Mar. 2014

This was a text message and I have to pay for each text message I receive.

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9, Feb. 2014

I put an item on craigslist and they replied back and said they can only pay by money order and a few days later they told me their 'assistant' sent the wrong money order and told me to cash them (which I didn't) and I've been trying to contact them but no answer. The money order is dated a month before they mailed it out. Why keep and mail out a month old money order.

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22, Apr. 2013

I didn't answer this...

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21, Mar. 2013

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21, Mar. 2013

When I asked to be taken off they hung up on me.

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28, Feb. 2013

I had this call my number and when I called back it was WN Marketing Service and that while I was online I indicated I was interested in job opportunities. I have never provided this phone number for anything like this, that is what I use my old cell number for.

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27, Dec. 2012

These harassers have called at least once a week and I have reported it repeatedly to you. To me they seem to be phishing for informaion. Please stop them!