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  • Regional statistics: New Haven, Connecticut has a population of 124922 that is in a county of 319040 units. The city is in a county that is 23 square miles.
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5, May. 2018

Calling from different numbers.

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13, Dec. 2017

this telemarketer is calling me at least 3 times a week!

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6, Apr. 2017

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21, Jul. 2016

Robot left message on my cell saying it was the IRS and they were filing a lawsuit against me and I needed to call back immediately. First person that answered the phone had such a foreign accent that I couldn't understand him. Next person had an accent but I could understand her marginally. She said that I wasn't allowed to hang up and my attorney couldn't help me. She said they were filing a criminal suit against me. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!

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2, Nov. 2015

I have filed multiple complaints before but they still keep calling.

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26, Jul. 2014

This number has been calling my phone for two weeks now. I have been on the DNC List since 2009.

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21, Aug. 2013

I also got a text saying "Good morning, how are you doing? Have a good day."

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21, Mar. 2013

tried to ask them to quit calling, but when I pressed the required number to speak to a live rep...the caller disconnected.

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6, Oct. 2012

These are soliciting calls. Annoying messages.