Area Code 470

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Area code: 470
State: Georgia
Country: USA
10, May. 2020

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

Gifted and equipped WITH COMMON SENSE
7, May. 2020

He reached out to me on 3 days ago. He said his name was Brian Lamar Reddus. But, said his mom calls him Derrick. He said he’s a cardio thoracic surgeon with a private practice in Dallas, TX, but is currently assisting COVID patients in NY. On day 2, he offered to pay off all my debt and asked for log in info to my student loan accounts and said he was “getting frustrated“ when I declined his help and also declined to provide him with my personal information. He said he would surprise me if I have him my student loan information. He said he would do it if I sent him sexy photos. He kept getting frustrated when I said “no.” He said I should be impressed because he’s a black man who graduated from Harvard and Penn State and because he makes $585,400/year. He suggested I’ve been emotionally wounded because I wouldn’t allow him be the man I need. LOL!!!! He said “you hurt women always blame the good guy for the bad guys mistake” LOL!!! Anyway, So, I decided to google all the information he provided. NOTHING!!! RED FLAGSSSS!!!!!! I used one of the photos and searched the image in google and discovered he was a scammer. If I was deaf dumb blind and a part time idiot, I would be mentally ill equipped to recognize RED FLAGS and BS. I would have believed this idiot. But, my brain works and works well!! Unfortunately some of you females are thirsty, slow and gold diggers THOTS that will believe what you read, whatever you hear and will do anything because you need a bill paid. WAKE UP! His name on is “ivyleaguenupe” and the number he provided was 850-566-8216. I guess he’s no longer in jail because he was actively utilizing a mobile device. I didn’t think they were allowed in jail. I hope this information helps the next target to be mindful and to fact check before sharing personal information with hopes on getting money in return. Be safe.

4, May. 2020

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

4, May. 2020

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

2, May. 2020

I receive these calls and press 1 to speak to a representative who immediately hangs up when I ask not to receive any more calls.

14, Apr. 2020

Called to verify employment and wanted to know if there was someone there to assist, I said no. They hung up. I looked up their number on the caller-id , called it and they identified themselves as RNN Employment Verification Center and wanted me to verify if certain people worked there. I gave no information as they would not submit their request via email. possible scammers.

1, Apr. 2020

this recorded message in spanish keeps calling once a month in different number.

1, Apr. 2020

This was a robocall from a company stating they were my alarm company, providing statistics about FBI records and offering o secure my home.

1, Apr. 2020

I have received a total of 3 CALLS from them.

31, Mar. 2020

Received a call that was a recorded message, saying I need to contact Card Holder Services immediately.

30, Mar. 2020

Has been a problem for months.

27, Mar. 2020

This also occurs on my other number, 631-587-6812.

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