Area Code 469

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Area code: 469
State: Texas
Country: USA
6, Feb. 2019

This office is located in a building with security. Security has to let you into the elevators. When you get to the office there is more security at the entrance. The place is clean and no crowds, at least when I went. Perhaps you should go just one hour before closing time. I was in and out in a flash. No drama at all! Just the way I like it

6, Feb. 2019

I went their on a Thursday morning for a card replacement, literally I got my number at 8:06 am and I was off the door at 8:12 am!! Fastest administrative service! And everyone was so nice from the security guard at the door to the person at the kiosk

5, Feb. 2019

Sirius XM - call to update info. Payment info. No scam.

4, Feb. 2019

The ever super shady Portfolio Recovery. A well-organized thieving cartel masquerading as a debt collector. They call daily from multiple numbers from every state in the union. They will continue with the harassing calls even if you are not the person they are looking for. They do not care. They just want their money. The money for the debt they bought. Debt they bought for around .04¢ on the dollar. I continue to block each number this inexorable business calls me from, as I do not owe the debt they say I owe. Below is a partial list of numbers these ruthless crooks have called me from. I should have started this list a long time ago. Do yourself a huge favor, take a few minutes, and block every single one of the numbers below. 800-772-1413; 866-429-9131; 205-341-1118; 205-725-5724; 248-237-4345; 248-384-8807; 281-205-5842; 281-397-3060; 281-816-3941; 308-365-6210; 310-220-0631; 310-405-6190; 312-327-6747; 321-558-7304; 323-244-2332; 323-743-4087; 331-330-2079; 336-481-5060; 404-604-2366; 443-228-0253; 469-202-8642; 480-553-8561; 480-750-8232; 480-800-4767; 517-219-1107; 517-586-0333; 562-275-3496; 571-341-5983; 602-601-2371; 615-800-6830; 619-780-3451; 702-508-5256; 702-847-7543; 703-592-3826; 707-314-0362; 720-307-1353; 731-249-1250; 754-701-7650; 757-401-6990; 816-3354226; 817-576-0518; 843-242-1413; 862-772-0671; 951-252-1065; 973-206-4188

Erika S.
4, Feb. 2019

A male called in, identified himself as David - sounds like a call center, you can hear the noise and chatter in the background. David has a distinct accent. He asked to speak to Jxxx, I said that Jxxx wasn't in the office yet, how could I help. He then asked to speak to any manager or decision maker in the IT department. I said this is a small office of 5 people total. We're not your market. He said this wasn't a sales call, I said of course it was, but there was still no one that could help. He asked for a manager, I said I was the HR Manager, what did he want. He wants a decision maker, I said for what, he said an IT issue. Then he said it was for a Cyber Security decision. I said no. He said I already gave you a name, I said that person isn't in and your aren't getting any other names. He got really put out. I said no, you arent speaking to Jxxx and if you wont tell me why you are calling you are speaking to anyone. He said he would find another way. I hung up.

3, Feb. 2019

Definitely SPAM and SCAM! Got the same bs...several days in a row on my answer machine...”Head office of social security your SS number has been suspended. Then they threaten that they will freeze my assets!!” I mean do they think we’re idiots!?! I blocked the phone number.

31, Jan. 2019

Said they were attorneys & that they were gonna have the take me to court . They said I owed Cash Advance America . I called Cash Advance America they do not have my name in file in their collections office . Beware scam fraud do not give your info out .

30, Jan. 2019

Received message saying if i didn’t callback to dicusss my case federal agents would come to tske me into custody . Total scammers

25, Jan. 2019

This number called me so I called Kohl's directly and its legit, I was late on a payment.

22, Jan. 2019

The number 469-701-0053 actually belongs to a medical center in the Dallas, Texas area!

19, Jan. 2019

Craigslist scammer want to buy item sight unseen, pay extra for holding the item, Wants to have someone else pick it up... same old scam.

12, Jan. 2019

This number is linked to a Craigslist scammer posting fake ads to scam anyone that responds!

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