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24, Apr. 2019

Didn't even listen, just hung up and I knew it was another junk call.

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29, Mar. 2019

Said “I'm calling in regards to a formal complaint that is in the process of being filed this morning for several different matters. I'm calling to verify that we do have the correct address for this individual now. The next step will be filing the necessary paperwork to move your account at this time we do have the right...THE # TO CALL BACK WAS (209) 289-0525 AND THEY ALSO WANTED ME TO JOT DOWN A REF#. Scumbags have now turned to scare tactics and threats to get a returned call.

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16, Mar. 2019


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14, Mar. 2019

No one is ever there.stopped answering YEARS ago

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8, Mar. 2019

These people need to be stopped and arrested.

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23, Oct. 2018

Disconnected number above did call me ??? Cellphones are not more safe because providers sales numbers to public -everyone and everywhere 😡

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10, Sep. 2018

To have the number violated by telemarketers is reprehensible.

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20, Jul. 2018

Even though my phone number is on the do-not-call registry - I am getting more unsolicited calls than ever.

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18, Jun. 2018

total scammer ... block the call

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13, Jun. 2018

He said it was a scam!

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6, Jun. 2018

Said a Chase Visa Debit Card was locked and to call them to unlock it. We don't have one.

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6, Mar. 2018

They claimed it was a complaint from someone..

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23, Feb. 2018

This company wants to know how they can find out who is on the Do not Call Registry.

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20, Feb. 2018

would not give name of company and repeatedly asked my information

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13, Feb. 2018

Because law enforcement will be at your door shortly.

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16, Jan. 2018

They mostly just call and hang on line saying nothing and finally hang up

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29, Nov. 2017

Got call from ‭+1 (469) 214-9948‬. I didn’t pick up. No voice mail left . I think it’s a spam call

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16, Nov. 2017

The call was to my cell phone.

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27, Sep. 2017

Robo call stated" IRS Internal revenue service filing lawsuit on you call immediately 7274225627

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27, Sep. 2017

I have never had a pick up for them, and I do not like the calls

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10, Jul. 2017

called my son's number saying that his number was put down as a listed number for contact. That is wrong, as I would not list any family members for contact. I filed a complaint with the BBB, so they can investigate. He refused to tell me the name of the company

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1, Jun. 2017

Got a phone call from this weird number . I looked it up and I think its the collectors called IC Systems. No idea why they're bugging me. Can anyone confirm if its them?

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26, Dec. 2016

Why do we have a DO NOT CALL REGISTERY if people like this can get your number and harass you?

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30, Nov. 2016

Don't know this phone #

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13, Oct. 2015

Call received at 10:55 am on Sunday, 1 June 2014.

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26, Mar. 2015

Has called 3 times so far in the past 2 days! Does not leave message - Hey Buddy I'm on the "DO NOT CALL" List!!!

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14, Jul. 2014

This number keeps calling me. Never done business with them. Never leave messages. You call the number back and it says press 1 to be removed but then they call more frequently as if that confirmed your phone number. Please stop these scammers!

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4, Jun. 2013

When you call the number back to ask them not to call any more, they hang up on you.

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30, Dec. 2012

used my first name to ask me to add a woman to my yahoo, which when i did wanted me to go to some stripper site.

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24, Jun. 2012

These telemarketers CONTINUE TO HARASS ME EVERY OTHER DAY. When I ask them to stop calling me they hang up the phone. Two days later they are calling my phone using another number. Each time, I file a complaint while including the new number. Why is this continuing?