Area Code 440

Additional information:

Area code: 440
State: Ohio
Country: USA
2, Jul. 2020

This company has called excessively for the last 2-3 months.

2, Jul. 2020

They claimed to want to talk to us about the Sierra Club.

3, May. 2020

Jackson Street, Suite 38-480 Seattle WA 98104 Paul Maduno, CEO Phone: b(6) b(6)

3, May. 2020

Automated, can't tell them not to call.

7, Apr. 2020

Multiple calls from an unknown number. I am NOT answering it nor calling it. It's a trap to try and grab information.

31, Mar. 2020

I have told him several times he has the wrong number and asked him to stop calling and he hangs up.

27, Mar. 2020

Just been called by this number and my answering machine picked it up- it was on hold with some 80's porn music playing lol

26, Mar. 2020

I am getting daily calls from the same company with the same recorded message about a business loan from a different number each day.

26, Mar. 2020

Now they are calling after 9 P.M.

25, Mar. 2020

this number also called 6/1 at approximately the same time.

25, Mar. 2020

Caller ID has ATT, but call was a recorded call about lowering credit rates.

23, Mar. 2020

They leave an annoying noise like a loud horn or buzzer type noise.

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