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26, Mar. 2020

No talk no nothing you can hear in the background some moving around but no one says anything

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12, Jul. 2018

I am very tired and upset over these robo calls I have been getting over the last several months.

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15, Mar. 2018

another scam,dont trust they are not who they say they are

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21, Jun. 2017

I keep getting calls. Not answering

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24, Mar. 2017

If you press 1 a live person comes on only to hang up on you as soon as you begin to register a complaint.

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16, Aug. 2016

The recording was soliciting a lower interest rate, but did not say what for.

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24, Sep. 2015

This caller consistently calls on Sundays,and has called on a legal holiday.

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13, Jan. 2015

Solicitor for refinancing home. My cell minutes are not unlimited and I do not want solication calls.

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1, Mar. 2014

Many calls in a week, then nothing for a while, then it starts again. I never answer. They never quit!

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14, Nov. 2012

i get numerous calls a week. how do i stop them

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18, Oct. 2012

They call from this number several times a day almost every day. Usually goes to voice mail with no message left.

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25, Sep. 2012

Caller asked if he was speaking to Mr *my last name* (pronounced poorly with south Asian accent) The caller stated that I would be receiving a new medical card. He need to verify my information, he gave my address, then stated he needed to know the name of my bank. I said, "I don't give that information out." He said, "I already have that information, I just need to verify it." I said again, "I don't give that information out." He hung up.

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11, Jul. 2012

They need to quit callin i will go down to park city and whoop sum ass im only an hour and a half away watch it

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31, May. 2012

I believe a robo dialer is being used. Very annoying.

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14, May. 2012

I've not done business with them, and have asked them to stop calling to no avail.

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9, May. 2012

When I informed the individual that the number was registered on the Do Not Call list, he hung up immediately.