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21, Jun. 2019

This number is a bogus number (re-routed).

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4, Dec. 2018

I received a call from this number. The man said it was from at&t. He said he was calling because at&t has to do some work around my home area and I’ll lost the service for a few hours. Then, he continue to telling me my billing address and my email for validation (both was correct) also I received like 3 text messeges from at&t. When the man hang up, I thouth the call was weird so I called at&t. People, that call was a a fraud. That man changed my billing address. He changed my email, password and security question from my at&t online account. Also, the man add a new user. So the man was traying to add a phone line and to buy a cellphone by my name.

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20, Apr. 2018

Did not recognize number, ignored.

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27, Mar. 2018

They offered lower interest rate on credit card but could not identify bank.

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11, Aug. 2017

Left no message. I don't know anyone in Kemp, TX.

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29, Jun. 2017

Called and no message

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8, Jul. 2016

This company has called repeatedly the past three day several times a day.

Anonymous #2
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17, Jun. 2015

Well, if it was a company, they should at least allow their name to show up on caller-id.. I don't answer these type of calls.

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28, Aug. 2014

Receive 2 or 3 junk calls a week. Please stop them. INcreasing weekly