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10, Jun. 2018

Enough is enough.please make this stop

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28, Feb. 2014

These people call daily!!!!

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23, Jun. 2013

this number keeps calling even though im on do not call list.

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6, Sep. 2012

They call weekly!

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18, Aug. 2012

They are calling for a different person. I have explained this to them at least 4 times. Thank you.

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17, Aug. 2012

They are calling on my cell phone. Don't know how they even got that number. They also do not identify themselves.

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29, Jul. 2012

When I called the number back there was no ring only recorded message to enter my number on their do not call list. I did that about ten times to no avail. The calls keep coming.

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27, Jul. 2012

These auto calls!

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11, Jun. 2012

Once the recorded message completes and a person is summoned to speak with, they hang up after being informed of the no call status and repeated requests to discontinue calling. I have no credit cards.

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2, Jun. 2012

Have reported them many times in the past year.

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1, Jun. 2012

I've not done business with them, and have asked them to stop calling to no avail.

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28, May. 2012

I tried calling back the number and it is a constant busy signal.

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20, May. 2012

"One eCard was selected for you"

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5, May. 2012

please stop this # to call me.Thanks