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1, May. 2019

robo call for carpet cleaning services

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19, Nov. 2018

I have been receiving several calls per week for several months.

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28, Jul. 2016

The news on tv said there were scams, so people call back to see what they want and the they get your information somehow.

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10, Jul. 2016

There is a recorded menu option (press one) to be connected to a live person in order to request to be removed from the call list.

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19, Jun. 2016

It's a pre recorded voice that sounds almost real. It can even respond to what you say to an extent. The call is, "looking for donations for disabled police and their families and they are calling everyone in the area". It's a straight up scam, I found out after checking them out. They are listed as a charitable organization, but are also listed as one of the worst, aka the people it's meant to help never see the money. Just hang up, if you want to donate, the Washington State Troopers do fundraisers and actually do awesome things with the money.

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11, Mar. 2016

I was promptly disconnected.

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13, Jul. 2015

They say shipping depart for medical items

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4, May. 2014

This is nothing more than a spam call.

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16, Jul. 2013

This number calls me just about every evening for the past two months.

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18, Jun. 2013

this same company called the day before yesterday......