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30, Jan. 2019

Block it

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17, Oct. 2018

The person on the other line kept trying to get me to answer questions about my school loans. Every time they asked me yes or no questions. I only answered no. When the answer was the opposite, I said uh huh or okay, and they didn’t like that. I think they were trying to get me to say yes since it was a recorded line. Super scammy. Beware.

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1, Mar. 2018

Can't more be done to go after these predators?

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10, Oct. 2017

I called them back, tgey instantly picked uo the phone and said Criminal Investigation for IRS and I daid, Huh, and they hung up. CID doesnt call you, they show up! Scammers

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4, Aug. 2016

I also experienced a caller hanging up after 4 rings and no voice message.

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9, Jun. 2016

It is way past time for this to stop.

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1, Apr. 2014

Thanks for the 5 scam text messages at 1am Scammer is doing craigslist furniture calling By wanting to send money to hold and paying Extra money for the deal. This is an old scam And everyone is well educated about it.

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13, Dec. 2013

this number has called me several times today! Please help stop them from harassing me.