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27, Nov. 2017

Only an option to speak to a representative.

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27, Nov. 2017

Incarcerate this person.

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24, Aug. 2012

They call me everyday! I have told the caller to stop calling me, but she has various excuses including I must have inquired about their services.

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22, Aug. 2012

They call relentlessly, usually "unknown caller", so am not able to give a phone #. They do not give you a chance to opt out from their calls. I have probably received 50 calls. Help!! I'm so annoyed. Thank you.

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18, Aug. 2012

They call me and hang up after I say hello.

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5, Jul. 2012

They call my cell phone periodically. They also call the house phone number also. Both phone numbers have been on the DO NOT CALL Registry for quite a while. Well when someone answers, they just hang up, and other times, no one answers. The message used to have an option to remove your number from the list. But I still get the calls. I don't know what phone number the call came from on other occasions.

Amy S
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16, May. 2012

Received text msg: Your entry last month has WON! Goto and enter your Winning Code: "1122" to claim your FREE $1,000 Best Buy Giftcard! It's a phishing website. Whatever you do, don't give out your information when you receive this SMS. There are other phone numbers with similar messages for different stores.

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8, May. 2012

They said i won a free target gift card and lefted a website to go to and enter my code